PainChek Academy

Enabling best-practice pain management for all people everywhere

Complete a PainChek certified program and join our mission to give a voice to those who cannot verbalise their pain

Pain and Dementia

Learn about the essentials of identifying pain in those who can no longer self-report their pain

Best practice

Understand how the latest in pain assessment technology and point of care can improve your clinical practice

For your career

Successfully complete your learning and gain a certificate and CPD

PainChek courses

There are 2 versions of PainChek available. Review the following versions and select the course based on the version of PainChek in your organisation. If you are unsure, begin your learning with the PainChek Adult course. 

1. PainChek Adult: PainChek solution containing the PainChek Scale (for those who cannot self-report).

2. PainChek Universal: PainChek solution containing the PainChek scale (for those who cannot self-report) and the Numerical Rating Scale (for those who can self-report).



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